Pretty Ballerina

Taking inspiration tonight from Edgar Degas (one of my favourite artists) and his series of his work on dancers. Every little girl one day dreams of being a ballerina, it sums up little girls, sugar and spice, all things nice.

To embrace the ballerina’s way of dressing, the keys are femininity and embellishment. Explore lace, crochet, beading, pearls and sequins. It is all about the details, and the layers (lots and lots of layers). Think about mixing cable knit with tulle lace, a peach suede draped jacket with a silky cigarette leg trouser. Always volume shapes in any skirt worn (think of the tutu as the holy grail). Keeping the colour palate neutral and soft pastel tones of cream, peach and pink – will enhance any details in the garments, allowing them to sparkle in in a dancing delight.

Make sure to keep your hair in the ever traditional ballerina bun, clean and simple, showing off your dainty facial features. Your makeup should also be kept to a minimum, you are wanting to maintain a freshness that your outfit will convey and not drag it down.

Whatever you do, do not forget the finishing touch of your ballet pumps, no ballerina would be caught with out them.